SME & Corporate Mobile Experience

How might we design a mobile application that would facilitate business life while enabling a bank to build stronger bonds with its customers?

ATÖLYE teamed up with with BNP Paribas (TEB in Turkey) to develop a client-oriented strategy for TEB’s corporate and SME segment clients. On the first phase, a strategic roadmap was constituted in the light of insights formed through a four-month-long field research. On this roadmap, plans were made for the digital banking platform to be designed from scratch in a client-focused manner and for suggested modules to be implemented. On the second phase, a joint team of ATÖLYE and TEB team members worked on a 10-month-long digital platform design project to design a mobile application to set an example for the finance sector.

Ignite Build


Project Team:

Ayşesu Çelik, Bengisu Ecem Yıldız, Carla Lemgruber, Ebru Boyacı, Engin Ayaz, Kerem Alper

Project Lead:

Güneş Sayın


Chris Direduryan (UX Designer), Erdem Koç (Interface Designer), Furkan Cengiz (Software Consultant), Özgür Işık (Interface Designer)


Can Akat (Video), Can Gürbüz (Illustration), Özgür Önurme (Photography)


Global SME Finance, Product Innovation of the Year, Honorable Mention, 2020.
The Asian Banker, Best Mobile App, 2020.
The Banker, Innovation in Digital Banking Awards, 2020.
Best Business Awards, Best Innovation, 2020.
Global Business Excellence, Best Mobile App Award, 2020.
Global Finance, Best Innovation Award, 2020.

A series of co-design studies with TEB and intense utility tests over prototypes with the end users were carried out simultaneously while also working on agile thirty-day design cycles for a duration of ten months. The resulting application, while functional and visually attractive at the same time, set an example for co-produced client-oriented design—as the user-centered design was meant to meet the expectations of TEB’s Technology, Regulation, and Product teams.

Discover and Define

In addition to the points of improvement designated from the field study of the previous research project, five user interviews were conducted for each function and user improvement ideas regarding the function as well as their unanswered needs were discovered.

Generate Insight

Inspiring banking applications and exemplary digital experiences were examined. TEB and ATÖLYE developed solutions using draft sketches.

First, a number of prototypes were created by our user experience designers and were put in a feedback cycle with field tests with over 100 users. The prototypes that received user approval were further developed with feedback from TEB’s Regulations, Product, and Technology teams. Via the virtual prototypes, it was possible to design more efficient and productive collaboration cycles for design, testing, and re-development.

All screens were tested with over 100 users.

The interface and the animations were developed by the ATÖLYE team for the ready-for-delivery designs. The field tests included animations as well, when needed. By the means of agile design, information technologies teams were able to begin working on the software before the design was fully completed and delivered.

Over 1,000 improvement points turned into design principles.

Synchronous, sustainable designs were produced using the Design System.

A design system was constituted following the early detection that the workload revisions would create. This is why, throughout the project’s lifecycle, the revisions were attended to in short notice. Furthermore, this design system allowed for synchronous working with minimal mistakes. By the means of digital tools, instant control of the workflows by TEB Product teams was ensured. Into the fourth month of the project, the designs were being delivered to the Software teams with agile design cycles. Finally, in a short period of time like 10 months, all UI components of the application were completed by following a design thinking cycle.