We design transformational journeys across scales and disciplines. For each challenge, we craft a unique approach that aims to create lasting impact.

Uncover opportunities, generate ideas, or invite diverse communities into your innovation cycle.

Kick-start innovation, gain a deep understanding of challenges and opportunities, and envision future products or services.

Bring innovative design ideas to life; in physical spaces, on digital screens, or across networks.

Develop and future-proof your organization, team and community to sustain the innovative mindset.

We lean on the power of co-design; aiming to uncover the needs and aspirations that drive change.

Our offerings span the innovation cycle; igniting change, envisioning desirable futures, building transformative experiences, and growing through resilient teams and communities.


We aspire to create long-term impact through a community-powered approach.

& Community Building

We take participatory design seriously. This is why we truly involve our partners, clients, and community in our processes through a series of co-design sessions.

Experience Design

We believe the way to create real impact is to approach problems holistically. We blend physical and digital interactions in our projects, to create truly impactful experiences.

Strategic Thinking
and Execution

We harness the power of design to navigate the space between strategic and tactical. Through systems thinking, we identify unique priorities and make change happen.