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Growing community through an experiential learning program promoting responsible leadership

dawn is a program by the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt, inviting a cohort of pioneering leaders to embark on a journey to address a meaningful challenge and develop tangible solutions by tapping into the collective capacity of the group.


Leaders trained


Projects emerged


Stakeholders engaged


With its network of 2,100 Responsible Leaders across over 100 countries, the BMW Foundation was looking for a new approach to bridge leadership development and collectively address pressing societal challenges. We were tasked with creating a pilot program, dawn, focusing on “innovation towards new economic models” to bring together a cohort of 25 leaders from the Responsible Leaders network.


We focused on embedding the perspective of “responsible leadership” across the entire program. We opened up a space to equalize trauma and bias-informed mindsets in order to widen impactful solutions on a deeper level, growing a powerful methodology for leadership development on a global scale.


We designed the program journey to include retreats, 2-3 week digital learning and day-long sessions which included inspirational “Elevation Sessions” as well as workshops on coordination, teamwork, field research, and prototyping so that the leaders could deliver their solutions and reflect on individual leadership skills.

"ATÖLYE has been a great steward and support in very important processes within the foundation."

Sandra Ortiz Diaz Executive Leadership Team Member BMW Foundation

"The BMW Foundation could always rely on the trust, support and long-term commitment of ATÖLYE and all involved team members."

Valerie Marouche Co-Founder o jardim


The dawn pilot program ran as a 4-month long, fully virtual collaborative leadership program bringing together a cohort of 25 Responsible Leaders from the network, and beyond.


With dawn, ATÖLYE & BMW Foundation created an adaptable methodology that could transform existing programs within the foundation and support in creating increased societal impact as well as activating collective action.


The leaders of this pilot program gained new mindsets we call “Purposeful Responsibility”, “Graceful Navigation” and “Insightful Interdependence”.


We designed the pilot program focusing on how we could truly cultivate the community of Responsible Leaders at the BMW Foundation to build inspiring connections and develop long-lasting collaborative interventions. For this reason we focused specifically on relationship-building, which is essential for any community. Through strengthened bonds and connections, community members worked in a more harmonious and collaborative state. The pilot’s program coordinator and 3 expert facilitators were also members of ATÖLYE’s global community.

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Project Team:

Mert Çetinkaya (Director & Learning Designer), Deniz Dönmez, Yusuf Akın Gülsayın, Mercan Denizci, Leyla Kefeli, Aleyna Tezer (Brand Strategy & Visual Design)


Marina Nart (Project Manager & Coordinator), Emily Hinks, Casimir Morreau, Katy Grennier (Learning Designers and Facilitators)

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