ATÖLYE joins Dutch Design Week with Tete-a-Terra


12 Oct 2023

Looking back at DDW 2023!

Last year at #DDW in Eindhoven, set amidst a backdrop of hardscapes and tall buildings, Tête-à-Terra stood out as a beacon of nature and sat in harmony with the other exhibits at Ketelhuisplein. It was incredible to see it come to life with interactions and conversations of visitors, fellow architects and designers, and the curiosity of passersby; a true testament to the power of community and the importance of sustainable design.

About Tete-a-Tera

Created in collaboration with Mono Earth and Kalebodur, Tête-à-Terra is our way of celebrating life, culture, art, dialogue, and hope. By combining unique soils of Cappadocia with waste fragments from ceramic production, to form earth bricks, it is a space for random encounters and moments of pause. 

Within the project’s essence, it becomes evident Tête-à-Terra is also a clarion call for the present and the future. In a world increasingly driven by progress and technological advancements, the pavilion invites us to pause and reconnect with the natural world, serving as a sanctuary where individuals can find solace, groundedness, and support. 

Tête-à-Terra’s primary objective is to cultivate an environment that encourages meaningful human interactions while underscoring the need to shift our perspectives, recalibrate our priorities around sustainability, and realize the potential of regenerative design through the lens of global and local communities.

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