Tête-à-Terra is our way of celebrating life, culture, art, dialogue, and hope.

Tête-à-Terra is where nature’s vastness meets human design. Created in collaboration with Mono Earth and Kalebodur, by combining the unique soils of Cappadocia with waste fragments from ceramic production, it is a space for random encounters and moments of pause.


As you step into its intimate shelter, the stacked bricks form opposing surfaces that offer diverse vistas, captivating the eye with beauty and inspiring us to create a more harmonious and sustainable future.

Within the project’s essence, it becomes evident Tête-à-Terra is also a clarion call for the present and the future. In a world increasingly driven by progress and technological advancements, the pavilion invites us to pause and reconnect with the natural world, serving as a sanctuary where individuals can find solace, groundedness, and support.

Tête-à-Terra’s primary objective is to cultivate an environment that encourages meaningful human interactions while underscoring the need to shift our perspectives, recalibrate our priorities around sustainability, and realize the potential of regenerative design through the lens of global and local communities.

ATÖLYE Architecture

At the nexus of innovation and spatial design, ATÖLYE Architecture is made of designers, researchers and collaborators who manifest the unifying qualities of conscious design. Our unique approach to architecture integrates service design into our core processes, rooted in the belief that architecture should not merely be about building, but about crafting spaces that serve and enhance the experiences of those who inhabit them.


In pursuit of this philosophy, Tête-à-Terra is our way of celebrating life, culture, art, dialogue, and hope. We are reminded by the seamless connection between the built environment and its natural surroundings that humanity and nature can exist in harmony.

We believe in the wisdom of using hands to produce what we dreamed and designed. We are earth artists/architects who want to focus our work on the beauty of the natural environment. The rest of our time is spent experimenting with different production methods in different geographies to improve design processes.


We believe in the unifying power and tactile, soothing aesthetics of soil. Our mission is to reintegrate waste into our life cycle safely and beautifully, preserving the natural world’s beauty and balance.


Through Tête-à-Terra, you’ll witness the transformative potential of these unique earth bricks, showcasing repurposed resources in sustainable construction. Join us in exploring the beauty and functionality of these eco-friendly building blocks, inspiring a greener future in architecture and design.


Kalebodur’s participation emphasizes waste management and innovation through a unique project centered on sustainability and the circular economy. Their focal point is the transformation of 6 tons of fired tile waste into earth bricks using traditional methods, ensuring sustainability throughout the process.


In alignment with the New European Bauhaus and Circular Economy Action Plan, this initiative promotes concepts like waste reduction, resource efficiency, reusability, and recycling. It also fosters startup collaborations and innovation, and strengthening sustainability networks through sectoral partnerships.


Tête-à-Terra leads the way in the construction industry by promoting reusable materials and inspiring industry stakeholders to prioritize global sustainability goals through vital and innovative sectoral collaborations such as this one.

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“The true return to nature is the definitive return to the element-death.”

Tête-à-Terra was designed, developed and made possible by:

ATÖLYE Architecture
Güray Oskay
Seda Duran
Gizem Akın
Aleyna Türker

Mono Earth
Çağlar İşbilir
Can Cumalı
Fatih Yazar

Duygu Ekinci
Erdem Günsür
Pelin Özgen Piker

ATÖLYE Communications & Visual Design
Funda Çevik Dinsdale
Nikkole Mojica
Melissa Clissold
Başak Aras

We would also like to thank Bürostatik Structural Engineering for their support.