Sezin School’s architectural transformation wins double award for ATÖLYE


18 Aug 2021

The spatial strategy and architectural design project ATÖLYE has done for the Private Sezin School has won the “Best Interior Architectural Design” award by the World Architecture Community (WAC), which brings together architects from all over the world. The project was awarded in two separate categories, one determined by the jury’s evaluation and one by the votes of the community members.


Providing information about the project, ATÖLYE Co-Founder Engin Ayaz stated that with the spatial program the project team implemented for students to produce, learn, and work together, they enabled the school to transform into a laboratory with the 21st century’s competencies. He added:


“As ATÖLYE, we went beyond architectural procedures to make the design approach user-oriented throughout the whole process. We are very happy that this project, which is a hybrid spatial program that provides the opportunity to come together, produce, learn, and work, was awarded by one of the largest networks in architecture.”


Follow this link to visit the award page and this link to find out more about the project.