Join us at COP28

COP28 marks a pivotal moment for global leaders to unite in the urgent quest to accelerate climate action. But more importantly, COP28 transcends its environmental and social significance and presents a unique opportunity for profound connection.

The climate crisis, at its core, reflects the consequences of short-term, one-sided choices. In a world increasingly marked by conflicts, the need for fresh approaches in our interactions is crystal clear.

At ATÖLYE, we envision a regenerative economy where every interaction benefits all members of the ecosystem. This means creating systems that not only sustain the environment but also uplift society as a whole.

A collective effort

In collaboration with our regional and global partners, and as a proud member of the kyu collective, we will be hosting dialogues on systems transformation through innovation, increased agency, and strengthened connections.


We cordially invite you to join these sessions where we will explore topics such as food systems, urban planning, leadership development, and more, all from a lens of shifting our systems to ones that generate value for all.


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COP28 offers us the platform to discover common ground and embark on the transformative journey towards a regenerative system.

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