Today at Apple x ATÖLYE: Perspective Istanbul


21 Oct 2021

For the first time in Turkey, under the name of “Perspektif İstanbul”, Today at Apple* and ATÖLYE are organizing a series of sessions taking place between October 22 and December 5 with the attendance of local artists and creatives. The program, which will coincide with the opening of the new Apple Store in Bağdat Caddesi, invites everyone to discover their passions in music, visual arts, performances, and much more.


Throughout the six-week program there will be a wide variety of experiences for people of all ages to attend ranging from listening and recording to the sounds of the city and turning them into music, city walks and performances, learning how to publish podcasts, experiencing augmented reality, drawing, and much more.


In addition to the in-store events, you can also attend online events in which you can create a brand new world from miniatures, get acquainted with the subtleties of the art of photography, and discover how to make music with renowned musicians.


Through these new creative discoveries, we hope to pave the way for fresh and different perspectives towards the city we live in, the spaces we occupy, and most importantly, towards one other. By changing our perspectives, we are able to change our realities.


We are inviting all of you to these sessions that will be combining technology with creativity, presenting new perspectives towards the city we live in, and celebrating urban culture!


For more information and to register for the events, check out the following link:


#perspektifistanbul #todayatapple


*Today at Apple, presented by Apple, is a global program consisting of free sessions in which one can explore their creativity in different fields both online and in-store.