SHERPA lends effort to ATÖLYE in tackling systemic government challenges in the UAE and wider region


28 Dec 2020

For the past few years, ATÖLYE has encountered opportunities to tackle systemic, nation-wide challenges in the UAE, out of which long-term partnerships has emerged. One of the most recent challenges ATÖLYE took on has brought with it the type of complexity that required community-powered action—the ethos of ATÖLYE’s approach to design.


SHERPA, the digital design studio with deep interest in user experience, has joined forces with us in our next endeavor in the UAE for a government transformation project. The project’s overarching aim is to design a nation-wide system with seamless digital layers in order to better the lives of all citizens.


The SHERPA team has always been in close proximity with the ATÖLYE Community and we are happy to have partnered with them against such a challenge with hopes to embark on more creative collaborations together in the future.