Rie Nørregaard joins the ATÖLYE board


14 Apr 2022

We are thrilled to welcome Rie Nørregaard from SYPartners to ATÖLYE’s Board of Directors!


As Partner in Creative Direction and Partnerships at SYPartners, Rie has worked with ATÖLYE on some of our most impactful and community-powered initiatives in the Middle East. Along the way, she has played a great role in helping ATÖLYE become a hub for the kyu Collective in the region and host teams from the kyu family, such as IDEO, SYPartners, Gehl, and SidLee.


We believe that a close partnership with SYPartners under Rie’s leadership will help both organizations flourish and thrive in novel ways. Rie’s excellent command of strategy and craft, as well as her leadership, will continue to elevate ATÖLYE’s work in the region and beyond.


Welcome on board (pun intended), Rie!



About Rie


Rie is passionate about design as an act of service—from designing more inclusive organizations to reimagining how an ordinary product, such as a cane, can become extraordinary for the person who uses it.


At SYPartners, Rie serves as a Partner of Creative Direction and Partnerships, helping clients envision and build a future that’s made for all of us—and the best in us. Previously, Rie was CEO and co-founder at Omhu. She’s worked as a Creative Director at leading design firms, such as Smart Design, Organic, Quirky, and Frog Design, and has designed solutions for brands including: American Express, Chanel, Cisco, HP, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Nike, OXO, TED, Vogue, Samsung, GE, and Mattel.


Outside her role as Partner in San Francisco, Rie is an advisor to several tech and consumer product startups, and is a frequent speaker in the international design and design education communities. Rie trained as a communication designer in Copenhagen, Denmark and lives in San Francisco with her family.