New event series from ATÖLYE: Growing with Communities


07 Nov 2019

“How can community-oriented thinking help us develop inclusive strategies for our organizations?”

ATÖLYE presents a new event series titled “Growing with Communities” where we’ll focus on exploring a variety of communities in Turkey with these questions in mind: What is the purpose behind becoming a community? What are the roles of individuals within the community and what role do they have within the dynamics of the individual-community relationship? How do they produce projects together? What rules do they follow and what rituals do they have?

The series will explore three areas each season and will host a variety of community managers with the moderation of Atılım Şahin, ATÖLYE’s Creative Hub Director and a community curator himself.

The topics of the first season, taking place between October 2019 and April 2020, are “design,” “technology,” and “entrepreneurship.”