Polen Gökbuget

Hi, I’m Polen, I’m a Strategist at ATÖLYE —I love reading, researching and learning.  I am constantly looking for new challenges and new things to learn. My passion for personal development is matched only by my commitment to unlock people’s full potential. I always connect with people on a deeper level. Those who know me well have recognized my gift for forging deep and authentic connections with others, and have bestowed upon me the moniker of a connection goddess.

In 2020, Polen joined the Operations & Program Management Team at ATÖLYE, where she honed her skills in leading efficient and lean program management lifecycles with tangible business results, as well as implementing effective business strategies. Since transitioning to the role of Strategist in 2023, she has been collaborating with the Strategy Team on transformation-led projects with her blend of strategic thinking, creative problem-solving, and relational design skills.

Prior to her tenure at ATÖLYE, she worked as a management consultant at EY, where she specialized in operating model design, business transformation, and change management. Her experience in these areas prepared her well for the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead in her current role.

In 2019, she discovered the Origin Teachings of Delicate Lodge, a tradition deeply rooted in the ancient native cultures of the Americas. Through completing the first path in this tradition, the “Council Guide Training,” she gained valuable insights into how to restore ‘right relationship’ with ourselves, each other, and the planet in the face of the unprecedented upheavals in global governance, economy, and climate. Drawing on this knowledge, she is committed to using her skills and expertise to help create positive change in personal, organizational, and community life.

Driven by a deep-seated passion for creating positive change and transformation, she has always been a dedicated change ambassador. Her experiences at ATÖLYE and EY have only deepened her commitment to making a difference in the world, and her work with the Origin Teachings of Delicate Lodge has provided her with valuable tools and insights to do so. Whether it’s through implementing innovative business strategies, designing regenerative business models, or fostering stronger relationships within communities, she is always looking for ways to have a positive impact on the world around her. She has an unwavering dedication to this mission. 
In her precious moments of spare time, she dedicates herself to the noble task of inner-work and journaling, using her creative energy to explore the depths of her being and gain a deeper understanding of herself and the world around her. She also finds joy in spending playful moments with her beloved sister and Magic, her faithful companion, as they explore the world together with childlike wonder. To nourish her mind and soul, she delves into the pages of books that expand her horizons and challenge her thinking. In addition to this, she recognizes the importance of taking care of her body by connecting with Mother Earth and doing workouts, allowing her to recharge and revitalize herself so that she can approach every day with renewed energy and vigor.