Nisan Biçer

Nisan, who began her journey at ATÖLYE as a strategy trainee in 2022, officially joined the team in March 2023 as a CEO's Office Associate. Later in November 2023, her role evolved to be a design researcher under the Service Design Practice at ATÖLYE.

Whereas as a CEO's office associate, her role at ATÖLYE started with coordinating and managing internal operations, providing content support, organizing monthly and quarterly team gatherings, facilitating leadership circles, and supporting organizational strategy. Her current role evolved into her being a design researcher in learning, service, and business design projects.

While pursuing her undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering at Koç University, she discovered her strong interest in arts and design. This led her to pursue a double major in Media and Visual Arts, where she engaged in a diverse range of courses, from basic design to user experience design, media studies, visual design, photography, video production, and documentary filmmaking. In parallel to her academic journey, she completed the Global Learning and Leadership Program, which provided opportunities to explore sustainability, social entrepreneurship, design thinking, and organizational change through a variety of courses, workshops, and talks. Additionally, she had the privilege of attending the Stanford's University Innovation Fellow program, where she delved into design thinking methodologies, focusing on innovation in higher education experiences.

Diversifying her studies in engineering, media, visual arts, and leadership has provided her with a multidisciplinary approach where she can combine her strategic thinking muscles with her design skills. That's where her passion for design, creativity, interdisciplinary collaboration, and impact-oriented work led her to ATÖLYE after completing her undergraduate studies.

Beyond her professional and academic pursuits, Nisan has been a music and performing arts enthusiast since childhood. Starting from her university years, she also had the opportunity to discover more about jazz, which led her to perform as a vocalist in recent years. In her free time, she enjoys practicing music, dancing, traveling, reading, engaging in photography, and exploring new hobbies.