Nazli Kaptan

Hi, I’m Nazlı; I’m a Service and Visual Design Lead at ATÖLYE. I use service design strategy and visual design to identify new opportunities and design product concepts to bring change to organizations in order to better meet users’ needs. My inspiration for the entire design process begins with the insights I pull from the field; people’s motivations, mindsets and behaviors. My work spans across mobility experience and spatial experience to create digital products and strategies. 

Nazlı joined ATÖLYE in 2019 as a Senior Designer. Currently, as a Service and Visual Design Lead, her focus is to harmonize service design, strategy, and visual design to identify new opportunities and create product concepts that bring change into organizations and enable them to better meet user needs. 

At ATÖLYE, Nazlı’s work ranges from mobility experience and spatial experience to creating digital products and strategies. She uses her design research skills alongside her visual perspective to simplify complex data and merges her graphic design skills with strategic thinking while shaping the design outputs. She also takes on supporting roles in studio initiatives with a focus on streamlining workflows and feeding the teams learnings into the system.

A graduate of the Visual Communication and Design program at Sabanci University, Nazlı has worked for over ten years in design areas extending from digital product and service design to print and branding. She started her career as an art director, where she worked for brands including Starbucks, Amnesty International, Lassa and Avea and designed user interfaces, corporate identities, album packaging and stage performances.
Before joining ATÖLYE, Nazlı worked for Fjord Istanbul, where she expanded her focus and combined her visual design approach with service design and design research. She has worked for local and international organizations with teams based in Istanbul, Berlin, Stockholm and Paris offices. She created digital products, strategy and service design projects for banking, telecommunication, insurance and energy production industries.

Her passion for creating change through design has led her to become involved in social innovation and volunteer projects. She works on finding solutions/creating products for children in low-income countries and refugees in Germany as well as teaching disadvantaged high school girls how to program/code.