Ecem Çınar

Ecem Çınar

Hello, I’m Ecem, I’m an Interior Designer at ATÖLYE—I love to create spaces, experiences, and atmospheres that are enriching for those who inhabit it.

Ecem joined ATÖLYE in 2019 as Interior Designer.  Her work focuses on creating spaces, experiences and atmospheres that can be enriching for those who inhabit it. She plays an active role in learning to create “work space” projects on both an architectural and furnishing scale.

She completed her BA in Interior Design at Kocaeli University. Before receiving her bachelor degree, her designs had been shortlisted by several national furniture and product design competitions. During her undergraduate studies she took courses on web design, design technologies, and innovation management. She started off her career at Salon as an interior designer of the Museum of Istanbul project. She has participated in large scale architectural competitions and has been awarded for some of them.

She has worked on museums, hotels, work spaces and residential architectural projects. She has also held a couple workshops with ITU’s studio groups about modelling and visualisation. Besides interior design, she’s interested in product design, font & graphic design, illustration and animation.  

In her spare time, you can find Ecem roller skating and longboarding by the seaside.