Deniz Dönmez

Deniz Dönmez

Hi, I’m Deniz. I’m a Lead Design Strategist & Service Designer at ATÖLYE. I enjoy thinking about interactions on various scales: from human connections in different contexts, to interactions with products and services, to how we interact with the spaces and cities around us. I also enjoy working with various partners to achieve long-lasting and creative impact. You can find me designing workshops, drawing diagrams, creating narratives and getting to the bottom of things.

As Lead Design Strategist & Service Designer at ATÖLYE, Deniz works with various partners to achieve long-lasting and creative impact. As a transdisciplinary designer and strategist, her work spans across ATÖLYE’s disciplines; bringing strategic thinking, research and narrative building to projects in spatial, digital, learning and organization design.

Deniz collaborates with partners and stakeholders to frame strategic opportunities, user-centered business objectives and design principles. She works on the field and guides teams to understand customer needs and craft design solutions that are simple, useful and delightful. Her previous international experience in brand strategy, experience design and advertising assist in building narratives and holistic design strategies.

She holds a Masters degree in Strategic Design from the Politecnico di Milano and a BA in Political Science and International Relations from Boğaziçi University.

Outside of work, you can find Deniz watching movies, listening to podcasts, reading magazines, and developing recipes that only she enjoys.