Çağla Diriker

Hi, I’m Çağla; I’m the Technology Technology & Operations Associate at ATÖLYE— I bring together technology and business to improve and automate our operational processes and make everyone's work life easier. I love building digital systems, being at the backend side of things, and creating fun, engaging content. But I enjoy doing these the most when I co-work with other team members.

Çağla first joined ATÖLYE in 2019 as Finance & Operations Trainee. After working as a finance trainee on and off for 1,5 years, she discovered her true passion within ATÖLYE and transitioned to Technology & Operations as full-time associate in 2022.
As ATÖLYE's Technology & Operations Associate, Çağla plays a pivotal role in harmonizing technological tools and business strategy to enhance overall operational efficiency. With a keen eye for problem-solving and a familiarity for automation, Çağla supports several practices across ATÖLYE to streamline work processes and foster a more productive work environment. Since joining the team, Çağla has successfully introduced and implemented various digital tools and automated several business processes while also creating simple guides and tutorials to improve the company knowledge. Her familiarity with connecting and automating operational processes is leading to a transformative shift in ATÖLYE's approach to technology and operations.
Her current focus at ATÖLYE is advancing the business aspect of the operations, collaborating with various business units to refine their operational processes. This involves operational analysis, process mapping, and exploring avenues for automation. In the journey of continuous improvement, Çağla also participates in various circles at ATÖLYE to touch upon different areas. Within one of these circles, she came together with two fellow team members who inspired her to re-discover her love for video games and pursue an education in game design and development.