Bengi Turgan

Bengi Turgan

Hi, I’m Bengi, I’m one of the co-CEOs at ATÖLYE. I love triangulating design, technology and humans. 

Bengi, Co-CEO at ATOLYE is a creative leader, design strategist, service designer with backgrounds in Economics and Software Engineering.

Born in the UK and raised in Turkey, she encompasses a strong foundation in a triangulation of design, technology, and humans. She holds a BA in Economics from Bilkent University and an MSc in Software Engineering at Boğaziçi University. Bengi was also a visiting professor, ran design studios at Istanbul Bilgi University and is a founding member of the Service Design Network’s Turkey Chapter, a member of IxDA, and a facilitator of Global Service Jams. She has also held judge and jury roles in global entrepreneurship competitions like IXDA SDC, Intel Entrepreneurship Challenge, Start-up Chile, and Verizon Horizons.

Bengi’s experience spans over 20 years in design and consultancy work in diverse industries, in academia, and as an entrepreneur. She started her career in 2004 by launching and running the Project Office in the leading software house Veripark, and later founded her own creative technology and design company, Bilende, in 2007. During the 10 years she ran Bilende as a Managing Partner, she introduced ethnography and service design thinking to hundreds of projects and mentored tens of design-led entrepreneurs. In 2017, she joined Deloitte Turkey as the Studio Director and Head of Creative Innovation and Design, to initiate Deloitte Digital Turkey, leading the Design Research, Innovation, Service Design, CX, UX & UI Design capabilities. 

As a Co-CEO at ATOLYE, Bengi has contributed immensely to ATÖLYE's design practice and has helped shape one of the most significant design contracts in Turkey in sustainable mobility. Bengi plays a crucial role in shaping the well-being initiatives at ATÖLYE and her uncompromising desire for craft excellence and empathetic leadership has been a driving force behind the company's most recent work.