Atalay Akpınar

Atalay Akpınar

Hello! I'm Atalay, Community & Service Designer at ATÖLYE, and I'm truly driven by the art of forging meaningful connections among like-minded individuals who share a common purpose. My passion lies in curating spaces that serve as vibrant ecosystems for learning, where individuals can engage in insightful exchanges and spark transformative collaboration opportunities. By facilitating these connections, I aim to cultivate an environment where ideas flourish, innovation thrives, and collective growth becomes a reality.

Atalay joined ATÖLYE in 2021 as a Talent Trainee and subsequently assumed the role of Community Designer. In this capacity, he mainly works on projects and programs focused on research, strategy and community design. With his expertise in community building, Atalay excels at connecting like-minded individuals with shared purposes, building meaningful bridges between them, and creating spaces that foster learning & collaboration for their participants.

Atalay holds a bachelor's degree in Urban & Community Planning from Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts, with two exchange semesters at ENSAG, School of Architecture in Grenoble. During his studies, Atalay received honors and scholarships for his projects centered around designing community activation spaces that contributed to urban development and recreation. His diverse background in architecture, urban planning, and community building enables him to design and implement communities for various spatial interventions. 

Atalay's strong entrepreneurial drive and commitment to promoting collaboration are clearly demonstrated through his personal initiatives. In 2019, he founded EKA Creative Studio, a design community aimed at providing a platform for young professionals to showcase their initiatives and establish valuable connections and collaborations with like-minded individuals who share a common passion for creating positive change.

ATÖLYE, recognizing the importance of nurturing creative ideas and communities, has been a staunch supporter of this community and is currently partnering with EKA Creative Studio to further foster its growth and impact.