Introducing Neol, a cohort-based learning and on-demand talent platform


15 Jun 2022

Today marks a new milestone in ATÖLYE’s history…


It is with great joy that we would like to introduce you to a new spin-off venture Neola decentralized, tokenized cohort-based learning and on-demand talent platform, powered by a curated global creative community. Neol’s mission is to change the landscape of tomorrow through creating infinite possibilities for sustainable growth, cultivating community connections, and bringing together learners from across the globe. Neol aims to enfranchise talents and the power of collaboration—all whilst creating a positive impact in the world.


Over the years, ATÖLYE has shown its ability to enfranchise individuals and create great impact with them. Now, Neol wants to take that ability to a global scale whilst sharing the same creed and ethos that makes up our community. Neol is the culmination of the experiments we’ve run at ATÖLYE and the experiences and learnings we have collected along the way.


Neol’s roots are deeply entwined with ATÖLYE’s. Since it’s foundation in 2013, ATÖLYE has believed in the power of collaboration in an age of individualism, creative problem solving in an age of solely analytical thinking and long-term value creation in an age of short-termism. The idea of Neol was born out of a need to share and experience these beliefs with a larger global community—through learning, and creating, together.


Now, Neol is launching their very first learning cohort on Community Design running through 20 June – 7 July. This is a 3-week immersive and facilitated program where, together with a curated cohort of creatives, innovation leaders, consultants and community leaders, you will;

  • Explore the fundamentals of community theory.

  • Learn practical frameworks.

  • Work on group prototypes to grow intentional communities.

  • Connect with domain experts and like-minded community gardeners.

For detailed information on cohort members, speaker list, and detailed program, visit