Virtual CreativeMornings: Hande Oynar


August 27, 2021
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm


Open To Public

Under the theme of “release”, CreativeMornings Istanbul is hosting Hande Oynar, an independent writer and breathing instructor, on 27 August Friday.


13:00-13:30: Welcome and Breakfast
13:30-14:00: Talk
14:00-14.30: Q&A and Networking


*Since this month’s guest speaker is abroad, we are hosting this month’s session at a different time than usual.


Click here to register for the event, which will take place via Zoom.


*The event will be held in Turkish.


About the Speaker


Hande is an independent writer and breathing instructor living between Istanbul and New York. With the experience she has gained in the field of culture and arts for years, she has been working on blending breathing exercises with artistic activities. She is re-observing every day that the first condition to open up space for all kinds of creativity is to calm down and get rid of mental burdens and wants to share these extremely simple but effective methods with everyone she can reach, especially in this strange time the whole world is going through.


August’s Theme is Release.


Inhale. Exhale. Release. Let the breeze roll over you, let the water flow languid, feel the tautness behind your eyes go slack. Release is a universal law—every build-up of tension must give way. Everything from the flowers to the trees need to do it to survive.


Release is a critical part of growth, healing, and transformation. We can release each other from our claims. We can be the means of each others’ deliverance. It’s what gives the words “I release you” their power.


What happens when we let go of emotions, expectations, habits, relationships, or thoughts that no longer serve us? What do we release in ourselves? What do we let loose into the world?


CreativeMornings Portsmouth chose August’s theme of Release and Allie Runnion illustrated the theme.