UNFOLD: Participatory Urban Policies


March 23, 2023


Open To Public

Join us for the monthly event series, UNFOLD, hosted by ATÖLYE Architecture and XXI at our Istanbul Hub. UNFOLD is an exciting exploration of the process and power of design and architecture, featuring inspiring stories, innovative ideas, and engaging activities.
UNFOLD will allow you to participate in meaningful dialogues with a diverse group of people, share your own experiences and perspectives, and gain new insights into the transformative potential of design and architecture.
This month in UNFOLD, we are going to talk about “How can participatory urban strategies benefit citizens and promote a culture of safety?” with Tülin Hadi, the president of the Istanbul Citizens’ Assembly and the founding partner of TeCe Architecture. The event will be held on Thursday, 23 March at 7 PM at ATÖLYE.

Note: This event will be held in Turkish, and in-person.