Turkey Legal Design Summit


February 13, 2021 - February 14, 2021


Open To Public

ATÖLYE and Istanbul Legal Hackers are organizing Turkey Legal Design Summit on February 13-14, 2021 as an online event to create room for legal design-related discussions, bring together international experts and local pioneers, and make interdisciplinary collaborations between law and design more visible.


The Legal Design Summit consists of interactive sessions and workshops based on how to make various aspects of law more efficient and easier to understand for everyone, with the human centered design approach. Experts of the area will be explaining the global development about legal design, which aims to make access to justice easier with the help of open culture in law, and how law systems, services and technologies are reshaped with the help of design.


The Legal Design Summit offers an inclusive and rich program to its participants containing keynotes, workshops, presentations and panels on different areas in which law and design are intertwined.



Saturday, February 13

  • 10.30 – 11.00: Opening Speeches
  • 11.00 – 12.00: Keynote: Legal Design 101 – Margaret Hagan, Legal Design Lab
  • 12.00 – 12.15: Break
  • 12.15 – 13.15: Discussion: How to create a systemic impact through legal design projects – Marie Potel & Elisabeth Talbourdet, Amurabi
  • 13.15 – 14.00: Lunch Break
  • 14.00 – 15.30:
    • Keynote + Workshop: Legal Design in Practice: how to start a legal tech company – Anders Spile, Contractbook
      • Moderator: Ebru Metin, Founder, Legal Design Turkey
  • 15.30 – 15.50: Break
  • 15.50 – 16.30: Practicum: Design Thinking 101 – Barbaros Kaptanoğlu, ATÖLYE

Sunday, February 14

  • 10.30 – 11.00: Recap of 1st Day
  • 11.00 – 12.00: Keynote: Contract Design: How to approach contracts with an innovative mindset – Astrid Kohlmeier
  • 12.00 – 12.15: Break
  • 12.15 – 13.15: Keynote: Not Just an Individual Project: Building a (Legal) Design System – Antti Innanen, Christine Inkinen, Dot.
    • Moderator: Başak Ozan Özparlak
  • 13.15 – 14.00: Lunch Break
  • 14.00 – 15.30: Jam Session: Privacy UX – Mert Can Boyar, Verilogy
  • 15.30 – 15.50: Closing Speeches
  • 15.50 – 16.30: Networking


Istanbul Legal Hackers

Istanbul Legal Hackers is the Istanbul chapter of the Legal Hackers community which focuses on the intersection of law and technology. Legal Hackers is a global movement that supports open culture in law and brings together designers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, researchers, students, academics and technology experts looking for innovative solutions in the intersection of law and technology. Legal Hackers is a local-first, volunteer-run community. Through local meetups, hackathons, and workshops that are free and open to everyone, Legal Hackers spot issues and opportunities where technology can improve and inform the practice of law and where law, legal practice, and policy can adapt to rapidly changing technology.