Supersonic Creativity: A Workshop Series by Novel Philosophy Academy Part 3


October 19, 2021



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Join us every Tuesday evening this October (online or in person) for a special 4-part workshop series: ⚡️Supersonic Creativity⚡️


About this event


Supersonic Creativity is a 4-part hybrid workshop series conducted by the founder of Novel Philosophy Academy, Leopold Ajami, in collaboration with ATÖLYE Dubai to explore the unique (though rarely discussed) opportunities that conversations can add to your creative thinking.


The series will run every Tuesday from October 5-26 at 7:00PM GSTwith topics on capturing creativity in conversations and honing tools for thinking creatively. During the workshops, you will learn and practice simple frameworks that can be brought to any conversation to help gain greater mental clarity and discover new paths to help refine your raw ideas.


Sign up for any or all four sessions — they are designed to be enjoyed together as a series, but you can also attend any that suit your schedule.




What is Supersonic Creativity?


Our daily conversations offer us an excellent terrain for cultivating creative insights. We are all familiar with the benefits of networking and mentoring for one’s professional development, but what if you could turn those relatively exceptional scenarios into the very essence of your creative process, so you can jump-start your next project sooner rather than later?


You’ll discover how conversations can become your ideal medium for testing your project’s potential with others, so you can take your creative vision out of your imagination, validate its potential, and bring it to life with no pain or uncertainty



Feel free to sign up for any or all sessions — they can be enjoyed individually or together (we personally recommend them all!)


October 5th | Part 1: Capturing Creativity in Conversations


During this first workshop, you will discover a new connection between Creativity and Conversations—and you’ll pick up a creative framework that will make your ideas so tangible you can almost touch them. Once your words are articulate and meaningful, ideas stick, conversations are more productive, and your mind seeks connections.


October 12th | Part 2: Thinking in Essentials


During this workshop, you will discover the principle of thinking in essentials and pick up mental models to detect and develop unforeseen insights that you can transform into powerful ideas.


October 19th | Part 3: Do NOT Start with Why!


During this workshop, you will discover the one philosophical question that leads to creative detection. You will also learn critical thinking to help you dig deep and find the essence of the topic or problem you’re working with. Get ready for some mind-hacks and laughter!


October 26th | Part 4: Evaluate to Create


In this last session, you will discover a method of mapping ideas that will give you access to the operation of your thinking process, so you can know yourself as much as the ideas you generate.


*Please note that the event will be recorded and pictures will be taken and shared on social media.


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