SpotLITE: Hasan Vatan


March 20, 2019
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Open To Public

LITE: the innovative master’s program brought to you by ATÖLYE and BİLGİ presents SpotLITE: Hasan Vatan.
LITE: “LITE: Learning, Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship” program’s event series SpotLITE: takes one inspiring speaker under the spotlight and this month hosts Hasan Vatan, the founder, and general manager of Vatan Computer.
Hasan Vatan was introduced to the computer in 1983 when he was working at his father’s auto repair shop, gets approached by a computer dealer. After seeing how efficient computers facilitate accounting, he begins convincing his colleagues to buy one, and his entrepreneurship story starts that exact day. His Cevizlibağ shop opened in 2002 becomes a milestone for the retail sector.
You are invited to ATÖLYE to give an ear to Hasan Vatan and his story on how to open a large retail store with a small sum of capital and expand to the rest of Turkey in less than thirty years with 136 stores.