SEO Workshop


April 17, 2018
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm




“There are 2 ways to be visible on Internet: one is free, the other is not. You would think most people would go for the free option, because… well, it’s free! WRONG! People prefers paying! WAIT? Is there something I don’t get? Why would people rather pay when they can have the same thing for free? Well, It’s free BUT it demands a bit more skills and time. Because Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves much more fields to master.

No big words involved, a bit of technics for the form but nothing impossible to handle, most of it is 100% accessible to anyone interested in online marketing / business development.”

This workshop, executed by our community member Claire Guillon, will introduce you to the 2 main complementary concepts : SEO OnSite & SEO OffSite.

*The event will be held in English.