Secret Santa + BYOB Movie Night


December 25, 2018
6:30 pm - 10:00 pm



Are you ready to celebrate New Year’s Eve with the most popular event in winter? As you know, the countdown has started for Secret Santa. Have you still not received the gift? Remember, we will give presents on the 25th of December. Moreover, everything is in our event! First of all, we will give our gifts to each other under the Christmas tree. After that, we will watch The Nightmare Before Christmas (Tim Burton) which is the first film come to mind when called Christmas. We can’t leave after the movie because there is a little chat session which will be moderated by Can. We are expressing our thoughts about the film during the session. And of course, there will be beers and whiskeys.


PS: If you want to do for everyone, we always have a place for your snacks and wines.