Product Camp Seminar: Product Management and Experience Design from End-to-End


July 03, 2018
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm



Open To Public

Product Camp: Product Management and Experience Design from End-to-End We are about to kick-off Product Camp, in which we will investigate all aspects of products including product management, strategy, research, idea development and prototyping, product identification, data usage in product management, and designing products that create commitment. Product Camp aims to develop products that are not only usable but also create solutions through end-to-end product management and experience design workshops. Organized by ATÖLYE and INVERTIV, the first practical seminar will take place on Tuesday, July 3rd between 7pm and 8.30pm at KWORKS.


The seminar will be held in Turkish and is open to everyone.


Instructor: Akar Şümşet

Akar Şümşet is the founder of INVERTIV, a product driven training and services company. Akar has been working on digital products for a decade. His main focus has been product management and experience design. Akar also specializes in gamification. His portfolio includes large enterprises like Vodafone, Comodo, Turkcell, Coca Cola and startups like Zeplin and Fitwell. He enjoys speaking at global events like UX Alive, World Usability Congress and writing for Smashing Magazine, UX Collective and many other platforms. He’s also running the Istanbul Chapter for Producttank, a subsidiary of Mind The Product.