Polkadot Workshop and Meetup


April 18, 2019
10:00 am - 8:30 pm


Open To Public

Polkadot is a global network of blockchains and the foundation for a new, peer-to-peer internet. Anybody who builds their blockchain with Substrate development framework can become a part of the Polkadot platform.


The one-day event, in partnership with ATÖLYE, Graph Commons and Polkadot and supported by Blockchain Turkey, will start with the workshop delivered by Burak Arıkan from Graph Commons. Burak will show how to build your first custom blockchain using Substrate, the open source Rust Blockchain Development Kit by Parity. Through the lessons of the workshop, you will build a collectables blockchain – a chain that creates assets and allows you to interact with and manage ownership.


The meetup which will happen afternoon will introduce Polkadot and Substrate and discuss the vision for a decentralised serverless Internet where users have better control of their privacy, identity, financial accounts, and destiny.


Don’t forget to register for the workshop.


10:00 – 18:00 Workshop: Build Your Own Blockchain with Substrate – Burak Arıkan (Graph Commons)
18:30 Meetup – Welcome Speeches
19:00 “Introduction to Substrate” – Burak Arıkan, Graph Commons
19:30 “An overview of Polkadot” – Joe Petrowski, Parity Technologies
20:00 Q&A Discussion
20:30 Wrap up