Life Lessons #3: Scott Cohen


July 23, 2020
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


Open To Public

You are invited to attend the third episode of ATÖLYE Academy’s Life Lessons series with New Lab’s Co founder Scott Cohen on the 23rd of July.


The third guest of Life Lessons is Scott Cohen, an entrepreneur, investor, artist and the co-founder of New Lab. New Lab is a multi-disciplinary technology center in New York, bringing founders, experts, civic leaders to solve systemic challenges with frontier technologies.


Scott will talk about his inspiring career journey as an entrepreneur and a film director who won the FIPRESCI Grand Jury Award for Best New American Cinema as well as the story of New Lab.


The event will be hosted by ATÖLYE Co-founder Kerem Alper and facilitated by the ATÖLYE Academy team.


Click here to register for the event which will take place on Zoom. Reserve your spot now—seats are limited!


About Scott Cohen
Scott Cohen’s work is centered around the interplay between disciplines. He’s a versatile artist working in film, photography and design. He has a long history of using motion picture film to create photographic images which are inherently about movement and time. His recently completed narrative feature film, Red Knot, was shot on a research vessel in the southern ocean en route to and in Antarctica. Cohen is co-founder of New Lab, a multi-disciplinary technology and design center in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.


About the series
Life Lessons hosts globally and locally renowned creative leaders from ATÖLYE Academy’s network to share their life stories. Breaking the boundaries of the “one-to-many” talk format, Life Lessons invites the participants to become a part of the story. Participants divide into breakout rooms and have discussions about the guest speaker’s leadership story. At the end of the event, people join in on the conversation and direct their questions to the speaker.