Learning Lab 1: Lean Product Research


June 15, 2022
9:00 am - 12:00 pm




Open To Public

Learning Lab is a workshop series produced by ATÖLYE and facilitated by members of the community or partners. Lean Product Research is the art of testing your designs or services with your target audience and then turning your insights from observations into actions.


This hands-on workshop is paid and will cover all the elements required: planning, task creation, methodology, facilitation, test environment, recruitment and results analysis.


About the Session


Even though usability testing is one of the most effective things you can do to improve any digital product, not much of it gets done. Why? Because people tend to think that it has to be a time consuming process that requires serious expertise and will slow down development.


With a mix of demonstration, explanation, and hands-on practice (on your own product!), this workshop will teach your team Jonathan Steingiesser’s formula for doing low cost/no cost testing that’s simple enough to make it a routine part of every project.


And as an added bonus, it gives your team a chance to spend a few hours asking Jonathan their questions about testing or any other aspect of usability or product design .


The workshop tends to be 60% demonstration, explanation, and Q&A, and 40% hands-on practice. This includes a live demo test so you can see the whole process in detail, a complete explanation of Jonathan’s recommended testing method (hint: very simple, very fast, and very cheap), hands-on practice creating your own test tasks and moderating a test on your own product and plenty of time to answer questions about testing or any other aspect of usability.


About the Facilitator 


Jonathan Steingiesser is the Head of Product Design at Omnipresent, a fully remote startup, where he is building a product design team and maturing the practice of product and design in this fast-growth business. He divides his time between coaching, mentoring and leading the product design team, as well as design strategy, customer research and service design improvements.


With over 18 years of design experience in startups, retail, tech, nonprofit, mining, government and education sectors, Jonathan has fostered a passion for design innovation and continuous improvement through operationalising design and research practices. Jonathan has advised startups in the UAE and Australia. He is the founder of the HCD UAE Meetup and was the co-organiser of Service Design Perth and UX Melbourne Meetups in Australia.


Payment Details

  • To secure a spot in the workshop, make sure to register as places are limited.
  • You will receive a payment link within 24 hours of registration, followed by a confirmation email upon payment.
  • Price: AED 450 (ATÖLYE members receive a 50% discount)