Insight Out | Volume 7: Dima Malaeb


September 27, 2021


Open To Public

Join us, in person or online, for Volume 7 of Insight Out on September 27, 2021, this time featuring guest speaker Dima Malaeb!


About The Series:

ATÖLYE Dubai continues with its hybrid series Insight Out, featuring creative seekers whose inward explorations have positively impacted the work they put out into the world. Once a month, we invite you into the inner world of a guest speaker to learn about the practices and experiences that have shaped their creative output.


About Episode 7: Balance Over Burnout


Part 1: Listen & Learn

In this session, Dima takes us through her encounter with burnout and how it compelled her to put her health and peace of mind first. She’ll share how she strived for balance and how it led to a happier and healthier professional and personal life.


Part 2: Reflect & Explore

The second half of the evening will be interactive. Dima will share the techniques that she used to attain balance. We’ll explore the following micro-practices:

  • Mindfulness at work through meditation and breathwork
  • Taking a moment for self-care and seeing what pours out.
  • Light journaling, including affirmation work
  • Setting boundaries


About The Speaker:

Dima is a marketing executive and a certified yoga teacher and mobility specialist. She has love and passion for everything fitness, movement and health of the body & mind.


She started her professional journey in advertising and soon after transitioned to a highly corporate environment in one of the most influential companies in Dubai. Dima finally found balance by re-connecting with herself and her passions, now working in a marketing job that she loves and teaching yoga.


What brings her joy is helping people become more connected and in tune with themselves. Her purpose in life is to enjoy it as much as she can and help others along the way in even the smallest ways.


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