Insight Out | Volume 5: Tanvi Malik


November 04, 2020
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm


Open To Public

ATÖLYE Dubai continues its guest series Insight Out, featuring creative seekers whose inward explorations have positively impacted the work they put out into the world. Once a month, we invite you into the inner world of a designer, artist or maker to learn about the practices and experiences that have shaped their creative output. 

Join us for Volume 5 of Insight Out on November 4th, this time featuring guest speaker Tanvi Malik, a multidisciplinary designer, strategist, artist, writer and founder of Sense Studio. Through her own personal journey, Tanvi has found passion in creating impact through non-linear avenues. In this session, we will explore how to maintain a level of playfulness and fearlessness in design, that allows for true multidisciplinary work.

Part 1: Listen & Learn

Tanvi will share parts of her journey, with some key lessons to help shift perspectives around risk-taking that inform true multidisciplinary work.

Part 2: Reflect & Explore 

We will go through an exercise identifying fears and repositioning strengths through the parameters of purpose, impact and wealth.

About the speaker

Tanvi is the founder of Sense, a boutique creative studio based in Dubai. After having worked across several design fields such as Interior Architecture, Apparel, Branding, Marketing, Events, Experience, and more, she used her broad skills to offer solution-oriented thinking rather than a discipline-based approach. Today, she combines multiple practices, methodologies and schools of thought to come up with creative solutions that have long-lasting impact.

About the Session

While the field of design has expanded, industries within it have become so much more fragmented. Practices are increasingly intertwined, but as evolved thinkers, we search for a place and belonging through precise and specific titles. How far will we go if we start to look for discomfort over comfort?

Being a designer inherently requires us to think laterally about how things work, or could work better. It requires us to step away from things as they are, and wonder about what they could be. We ask questions about the nature of people, and consider all aspects to find the best possible solutions for complex problems.

In this session, we will explore how to maintain a level of playfulness and fearlessness in design that allows for true multidisciplinary work, and discuss how taking risks is the best acceleration for growth.