Insight Out | Volume 4: Dia Hassan


October 06, 2020
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Open To Public

ATÖLYE Dubai continues its guest series Insight Out, featuring creative seekers whose inward explorations have positively impacted the work they put out into the world. Once a month, we invite you into the inner world of a designer, artist or maker to learn about the practices and experiences that have shaped their creative output. 

Join us for Volume 4 of Insight Out on October 6th, this time featuring guest speaker Dia Hassan. Dia is a Dubai-based musician, film maker and the managing partner of Create Production. Having worked for 11 years in the world of insurance, he decided to jump ship and turn his passion for film and production into a lucrative business. During this aurally-satisfying session, Dia will share how deep introspection and music helped him uncover the “real” Dia, followed by a unique live sound journey to help participants travel “inwards”. 

  • Part 1: Listen & Learn

Dia will share his journey from music to insurance to film, and the inner exploration methods he employs to keep himself in check on a daily basis. 

  • Part 2: Reflect & Explore: 

Dia will take participants through an immersive live audio performance to meet their “real” selves.

About the speaker

Dia’s curiosity with creative expression started with music – Juliana Down was a school project with friends that ended up with many firsts: from sharing the stage with Guns n Roses to being nominated for the MTV EMA’s. The journey was parallel to his career in insurance that lasted 11 years, and he eventually decided to jump ship and co-found “Create Production”, an award-winning digital communications agency based in Dubai. Most recently, Dia released Sunrise Sessions, a performance of 11 songs written during COVID lockdown and set against a sunrise desert backdrop.