Insight Out | Volume 3: Sara Naim


September 02, 2020
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Open To Public

ATÖLYE Dubai continues with its guest series Insight Out, featuring creative seekers whose inward explorations have positively impacted the work they put out into the world. Once a month, we invite you into the inner world of a designer, artist or maker to learn about the practices and experiences that have shaped their creative output. 


Join us for Volume 3 of Insight Out on September 2nd at 6 pm (Dubai time) with our guest artist Sara Naim. Over the years, Sara’s artistic work has been heavily influenced by practices such as Vipassana meditations and silent retreats, pushing her to explore the physicality of boundary and perception. During the interactive session, Sara will share her personal story that led her to unite art-making and meditation, followed by a guided meditation method she has developed to help translate sensory experiences into visual forms.


Part 1: Listen & Learn

Sara will share her personal journey and how it has impacted her life’s work.

Part 2: Reflect & Explore

Sara will guide the audience through a drawing meditation to explore the visual manifestations of the sensations felt during moments of stillness and quiet.


The session is designed to be interactive, so please bring along a few sheets of paper and colored pens/pencils or any other drawing material of your choice.


About the Speaker

Sara Naim is a Syrian artist who grew up between Dubai and London. Through visualising micro-formations, her practice dissects how proportion shapes our perception and notion of boundary. She explores the physicality of those ‘boundaries’ and their forms, with the fundamental question: If borders do not exist on a cellular scale, can we define ‘border’ on a macro scale? She questions the way we encounter the sinuous line between interiority and exteriority- whether that tension be the body’s skin, digital communication glitches, or chemical reactions. Naim received her MFA in Fine Art Media at The Slade School of Fine Art, London (2014), completed her Bachelors in Photography from London College of Communication (2010) and Art Foundation at Chelsea College of Art (2007).