Insight Out Volume 1


June 24, 2020
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Open To Public

As curious creatives we often draw inspiration from the world around us, but what happens when we look into the world within?

ATÖLYE Dubai introduces a brand new guest series called Insight Out, featuring creative seekers whose inward explorations have positively impacted the work they put out into the world. Once a month, we invite you into the inner world of a designer, artist or maker to learn about the practices and experiences that have shaped their creative output.

Join us for Volume 1 on June 24 at 6 pm (GMT +4) with our first guest in the series: Dr. Joana Casaca Lemos. Joana is a designer, researcher and educator with a PhD in Design Research and an insatiable curiosity around what makes creatives tick. In her session titled after her forthcoming book When Research is Me-search, Joana will share her own journey of reflective practice, and introduce a framework she has designed for creative professionals to reflect and assess the personal growth they draw from their own projects.

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About the Session

At a moment in time where the way we work is being disrupted and iterated, this session aims to provide a space for creative professionals to reflect and assess the personal growth they draw from the projects and contexts they engage with. What work experiences have been transformative? When was the last time you felt uncomfortable? What people and places have changed your worldview? How do you make sense of novel situations? What rituals and tools are at the core of your creative practice? In the first part, Joana will share her journey in reflective practice, and introduce a framework drawn from her experience as a design researcher out in global field studies – the projects where the research became also a me-search. In the second part, participants will be guided through a collaborative activity to reflect on their practice and articulate their own me-search.

About the Speaker

Joana is a designer, researcher, speaker and educator, specialized in interdisciplinary work across digital and sustainability. She currently runs an independent consultancy that supports organizations with research insights on people and places to help build the next paradigm of products & services. She has worked with organizations such as Daimler, Sustainable Oceans Alliance, Business Council for Sustainability, Forum for the Future, among others.

She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts UK and holds a PhD from Central Saint Martins College of Design London. As a non-traditional academic, Joana was founding faculty of CODE University of Applied Sciences Berlin and part of the teaching teams at IDEO U, Hyper Island and Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. Joana is currently writing a book When Research is Mesearch: a book about those projects – the kind of projects that designers embark in, to find themselves completely transformed by.