imece summit: Shaping the Futures


March 18, 2021 - March 19, 2021



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On March 18-19th 2021, imece summit will take place virtually, powered by imece, hosted by Zorlu Holding, with ATÖLYE, B Lab Europe, BMW Foundation, S360, SIX as the knowledge and network partners. Join us in imagining the collective impact we can make for better futures. Register at summit.imece.com


The event will revolve around the following questions:

  • How can we accelerate the proactive work of individuals and organizations towards transformation?
  • How can we promote knowledge transfer and cross-sectoral cooperation for this purpose?


With these guiding questions in mind, the summit will feature various types of events to create collective and impact-oriented knowledge around communities, finance, business, leadership, and organizations.


During the summit, ATÖLYE is owning the content and curation for the “Communities for impact” theme. The theme will explore the following topics about communities: Collaborative & purpose led communities, long term vision exploration for community of learners, community engagement & mobilization, community-powered design, international pionering communities, and more. You can find the sessions that will be hosted by ATÖLYE below (all times are in GMT+3).


Visit summit.imece.com to find out more about the event and register.


1st Day – March 18


Evolving the Practice of Design for Social Innovation: Building Community Ownership


When: 17:05 – 17:45


Speaker: Jocelyn Wyatt – Co-Founder and CEO at IDEO.org


Moderator: Fatoş Karahasan – Academician at İstanbul Bilgi University, Journalist, Writer


This session is the keynote speech for the “community track” and will be delivered by Jocelyn Wyatt, CEO of IDEO.org. We will explore the evolution of design in the context of social innovation and will focus on community-driven practices.


2nd Day – March 19


Communities for Impact – Introduction to Community Design: A Guide to Growing Collaborative and Purpose-led Communities


When: 11:15 – 11:45


Facilitator: Atılım Şahin – Creative Hub Director at ATÖLYE


This is the plenary session to serve as an intro for all ATÖLYE sessions to follow. The session will make an introduction into community design and explore how communities come together around a purpose. “Communities are ultimately a reflection of the people who come together to form them. Understanding the roles of a community’s “gardeners” and identifying the profiles of its members—are key to understanding the nature and purpose of a community’s existence.” This session will be in Turkish.



Community-powered Design for Impact: Tackling Real-world Challenges Together


When: 12:00 – 12:45


Facilitator: Engin Ayaz – Co-Founder of ATÖLYE


This session explores how community-powered innovation helps organizations transform. The most pressing challenges of our world are too complex for a single branch of design to tackle. Confronting high levels of complexity requires creating and managing multiple partnerships, thinking at an ecosystem level, and bringing together those from a variety of backgrounds and points of view. Community-powered design and innovation reframe the notion of “community engagement and mobilization” for organizations by giving them a diverse outlook in tackling challenges and helping them transform into platform-businesses. This session will be in Turkish.



Igniting a Culture of Longer-than-usual-term Impact: What kind of ancestors do we want to become?


When: 13:00 – 13:45


Facilitators: Filiz Telek – Circle Facilitator & Author and Mert Çetinkaya – Director of ATÖLYE Academy


Let’s leave aside the terms “impact and “sustainability” for a second. Before we try and come up with new and shiny solutions to the age-old problems, let’s take a step back and consider how we, as a community, can stare with presence into the eyes of our story NOW in which both our past and our future live. Let us remember humanity’s place and relationships in the cycle of life and the Earth community and ask ourselves: Can we humans live by finally placing life in the center, by taking responsibility for the consequences of our actions and as if the lives of who come after us mattered? Tasked with the questions above, Filiz and Mert invite you to an interactive session where they will share the learnings they have gathered in their individual journeys. This session will be in Turkish.



Impact-focused Communities Around the Globe


When: 15:35 – 16:20


Facilitator: Kerem Alper – Co-Founder of ATÖLYE



  • Todd Porter – Chief Ecosystem Officer at Egde Of
  • Richard Bartlett – Director at Enspiral
  • Luisa Covaria – OpenIDEO Senior Director


This session is a panel to explore the practices of impact-focused organizations that are driven by their communities.During the session, impact-focused and community-driven organizations from around the world will share their thinking and demonstrate leading cases.


Visit summit.imece.com to find out more about the summit and register.