HCD Meetup 8: Speak by Design: How to own the stage even if you’re not a professional speaker


May 25, 2022



Open To Public

How would you feel if you could use your design skills to design your voice?


Join us for this mini-workshop and explore the tools you need to touch people’s lives, pitch your ideas and own the stage. It’s time you give a voice not just to what you do but also to who you are.


About the Speaker: Leopold Ajami


Writing your own bio is like sitting in the bathtub waiting for an ‘Eureka’ moment. You want to make it compelling without sounding too pompous, yet you want to make sure you don’t miss a thing.


Should I mention the dog that I don’t have? No.


What if I start with a question? “What would happen if Philosophy married Creativity?” Good – that summarizes my career as a “Creative Philosopher.”


I could sneak in that I’m also a Critical Speaking Coach — a polite way to remember that “If you have nothing to say, say nothing at all. But when you do, make it stand tall” — Also an Adman, Filmmaker, obsessed about learning and creating cultural change. Hey, don’t forget to mention that you are the founder of Novel Philosophy Academy, and the host of the “Ideas On Trial” Podcast. Fancy?


The water rises and makes you slightly drunken. Then, thunder grabs your belly. You jump off the bathtub to tell the world you’re pregnant with an idea, only to slip face down. You miss a charming introduction; but, you walk out with a new purpose: Helping you sharpen your mind, sculpt your character, and uncage your voices.


You can email me at Leopold@novelphilosophy.academy to stay updated with my upcoming workshops, courses and podcast episodes.


If you’d like to join us in person, please RSVP using the following link.


If you’d like to attend online, you can access register here to get access to the zoom link.