Growing with Communities #2: Technology


February 25, 2020
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Open To Public

“How can community-oriented thinking help us develop inclusive strategies for our organisation?” Since the first day we set out as ATÖLYE, this question has motivated us to meet different communities in the country and the ecosystem we live in. These communities, who care about each other and feel that they belong to each other, come together around a common interest or purpose, and inspire our own community at ATÖLYE.



We continue to explore various communities in Turkey through our event series Growing with Communities, which we have launched this season. What is the purpose behind becoming a community? What are the roles of individuals within the community and what role do they have within the dynamics of the individual-community relationship? How do they produce projects together? What rules do they follow and what rituals do they have?



The series, which will explore three areas each season, will host community managers from different fields with the moderation of Atılım Şahin, ATÖLYE’s Creative Hub Director and a community curator himself. The topics of the first season, taking place between October 2019 and April 2020, are design, technology, and entrepreneurship.
The theme for the second chapter is “technology”, and we are hosting Deep Learning Turkey, Frontend Istanbul, and Türkiye AI Topluluğu. 




Emre Özcan – Türkiye Yapay Zeka İnisiyatifi
Fuat Beşer – Deep Learning Türkiye
Oğuz Kılıç – Frontend Istanbul


You can sign up for the event at this link