Global Goals Jam Istanbul 2021


September 17, 2021 - September 18, 2021



Open To Public

Global Goals Jam, which has been held simultaneously all over the world since 2016, brings together designers and producers. At the event, which will take place online between 17 – 18 September 2021 this year, participants will use design as a problem-solving method to develop solutions for the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.


Organized in partnership with ATÖLYE and imece, the 2021 edition of Global Goals Jam Istanbul will focus on three issues for two days at 17-18 September 2021, simultaneously with more than 30 cities from different parts of the world. Participants will try to find solutions to the identified issues in line with the chosen theme.


Open Call


We are making an open call for participants who want to take part in Global Goals Jam Istanbul. The deadline to apply for the event is Wednesday, September 15, at 23:59. Follow the link below to apply.





  • Climate Justice
  • Beyond Human-Centered Design
  • Restorative Cities


About Global Goals Jam:


Global Goals Jam, an event of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), which was established to create a global development network, aims to respond to the problems faced by the world at different scales and priorities with solutions to be brought by interdisciplinary collaborations, with short-term interventions that can have a long-term impact until 2030, It initiates improvements on 17 main themes focused on by the Sustainable Development Goals.


Participants who will come together digitally will enter a process of co-creation depending on the 2030 global goals. Among the participants and mentors will be designers, researchers, sustainability experts, and creative professionals from various disciplines.


We need global cooperation to solve the issues we face today. For this reason, we explore alternatives by localizing the themes determined within the scope of Global Goals Jam, seeking solutions to the local reflections of the issues. In the 2021 edition of the Global Goals Design Marathon; We are focusing on the climate crisis, which is the biggest issue we face in the next 10 years. The climate crisis is a thorny problem both because of its scope that concerns our planet and because it intersects with other Sustainable Development Goals. Therefore, the themes of 2021 have merged with thematic themes that involve the intersection of multiple global goals.




Climate Justice

How can we transform the discussions about the climate crisis from being about the news of greenhouse gas emissions and the melting of the poles to a social movement, where those most affected by the climate crisis seek their rights?


Beyond Human-Centered Design

How can we design like nature? How can design processes and our ideas about design change with planet-centered processes? What would happen if nature, living things and non-human elements were our main focus in our design approaches?


Restorative Cities

How can we create a healthier and more sustainable relationship with nature? How can we strengthen the relationship between urban systems and urban communities? How can we design our cities not only to be more sustainable but to be ecological systems that repairs the planet?