Feedback Session: Tropicatopia


February 07, 2019
12:00 am - 1:30 pm



Cansu needs our feedback from her new project “Tropicatopia”. If you’re thinking “ want to give feedback but don’t know enough information”, detailed information about this project is here.




Project Name: Tropicatopia Content: Tropicatopia is an exhibition project where 8 international female creatives have been gathered into a ‘Tropical’ themed artistic work to investigate a deeper context about remix culture & consumerism to question the notion of ‘authenticity’, and to draw attention on the ongoing metamorphosis of the Anthropocene through constructing beautifully bizarre aesthetics.


Call: As curators of the exhibition, Fiona & Cansu would like to hear about your feedback on their theme & manifesto, sponsorships for art projects & alternative ways of budgeting in the art scene, and options for location.


Tags: Technology, curation, exhibition setup, contemporary art.