Feedback Session: Elif Özgen


June 22, 2017
5:00 pm - 5:30 pm



Elif Özgen, started Bebek Istanbul as a boutique full-service marketing communications agency. Now Elif just focus on social media account management (esp. Instagram & Facebook). Elif focus on content development and management for creative industry brands/companies/institutions working in fashion, design, art and architecture.

“I wanted to rebrand my agency in a way that better reflects my core (now redefined and focused) core competencies for some time. There were existing problems in the corporate identity design and the name’s length as well as the cliché insertion of Istanbul at the end. I have a short presentation of an earlier attempt at rebranding Bebek İstanbul but we kept too many things and this time I feel free to let go off pretty much everything (perhaps even the name Bebek?). To sump up, I’d appreciate your input for creating the new brief for rebranding the agency in a crisp, clean and simple manner. “