Masterclass: Facilitation for Problem Solving


October 06, 2023 - October 08, 2023


Open To Public

ATÖLYE Academy and Sajory have joined forces to offer an exclusive 4-day (women-only) offsite professional program: A Masterclass on Facilitation for Problem Solving. This exceptional learning experience, curated and led by master innovation facilitator, Randah Taher, will be hosted in the captivating city of Istanbul. 

Dates: Wednesday 04 October (arrival) to Monday 09 October (departure) – The full program takes place on Thursday 05 October to Sunday 08 October.


Location: Istanbul, Türkiye


This program is designed to empower innovators, creative leaders, intrapreneurs, storytellers, systems thinkers, and change-makers who want to create impact within their organizations by honing their facilitation and problem-solving skills.

Over the course of 4 intensive days in this masterclass, you will unlock the secrets of the “Creative Process” and “Facilitation Leadership,” while immersing yourself in:

  • Learn the theory behind innovation methods and how to facilitate around/through problem-solving. 
  • Learn how to plan facilitated sessions and create welcoming environments for effective decision-making.
  • Practice ideation tools, conversation starters, forensic questions, and how to stimulate a discussion that leads to the required outcome of the day.
  • Experiment with co-design methods as you bring forth your collective intelligence to solve projects. 
  • Understand people’s thinking styles and energies as you form your storytelling methods. 
  • Master techniques on how to give a voice to each member of your team.
  • Communicate using different learning styles and approaches. 
  • Level up your leadership skills as you learn how to bring together people from different departments and sectors.  
  • Network with like-minded women and be part of something bigger 
  • Find the courage and the drive to start something new, and inject new perspectives to help your current projects.

To maintain an impactful learning environment, this program accommodates just 12 participants, with admissions being accepted on a rolling basis.