Episode 5: The Future of Workplace Culture


November 29, 2022


Open To Public

Join us for the fifth episode of FLUID on Tuesday, November 29th at 6:30PM in our space or at 7:00PM live on Zoom!

FLUID is a hybrid event series co-produced by LetsWork and ATÖLYE to explore the emerging themes related to the future of work in the MENA region and beyond.Each session invites practitioners, business leaders, and experts to discuss trends and best practices to navigate uncertainty and flexibility in the workplace.

2022 offered employers the opportunity to reflect on how their organization has adapted to recent challenges and reimagine their workplace culture. As employers have been struggling to recruit and retain top talent in the region and beyond, many organizations have had to rethink their culture and employee engagement, and develop a people centric work environment.

The panel featuring Randah Taher (Innovation Facilitator and Culture Designer), Missak Vehouni (Architect of Healthy Organizations) and Zein Al Nemri (VP People and Culture, Sarwa) will dive into what the future of healthy and meaningful organizational culture entails, and explore its role in attracting, retaining and nurturing talent in the region and beyond.