UNFOLD: How Is AI Changing the Course of Design?


December 08, 2022


Open To Public

UNFOLD is a new bi-monthly event series hosted by ATÖLYE Architecture and XXI. Throughout the series, we will explore the process and power of design and architecture at our Istanbul Hub. The event series will be an opportunity to share and listen to inspiring stories as well as explore exciting innovations. It will also be an opportunity to engage and participate in meaningful dialogues and activities with a diverse group of people.

The first guests of UNFOLD are Assistant Professor Instructor Member Derya Karadağ and Lecturer Betül Ozar, both from Işık University Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture. The first event will be held on Thursday, December 8 at 19:00. This month, UNFOLD:AI deals with the relationship between artificial intelligence, meaning, and design.

Note: This event will be held in Turkish, and in-person. For registration: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/unfold-artificial-intelligence-tickets-476401869817