Workshop: Design Thinking Blockchains


May 05, 2018
10:00 am - 6:00 pm



Open To Public

One-day workshop, co-hosted by Graph Commons and Project Interactions, on creative and critical use of blockchain technology and what it means for entrepreneurial minds, curious investors, and creators.


The workshop will be conducted in three parts:

Understand — We will start with a lecture introducing the core blockchain ideas through step-by-step visual explanations and real-world examples. We will provide interactive tools for participants to reinforce their understanding of complex concepts.

Create — We will divide into smaller groups and facilitate a rapid deep-dive into selected domains to extract insights and identify decentralization opportunities. We will utilize hands-on design thinking methods including user/stakeholder analysis, network modelling, journey mapping, and brainstorming.

Present & Discuss — We will conclude with each group presenting their work, feedback from facilitators and discussion with all participants.


After this workshop, you will be able to:
-Identify the implications of decentralization that are most relevant to you.
-Hypothesize the impact of blockchains on your life, expertise, and business domain in an informed way.
-Apply hands-on design thinking methods to model and analyze decentralized systems.
-See through the hype/noise around blockchains and learn to process upcoming innovations.
-Walk through the steps for envisioning a new crypto asset/blockchain application.


The event will be held in Turkish.
Regular Ticker Price: 350 TL / For Student 150 TL