Creators at Home #13: Birce Kirkova


October 22, 2020


Open To Public

“Evdeki Yaratıcılar” – Creators at Home, brings together new discoveries with former guests, focusing on the creative processes, inspiration and personal stories of artists and designers in the period of pandemic and social isolation.


The thirteenth guest of the series is Birce Kirkova, who produces works in various disciplines. Birce Kirkova was born in Sakarya in 1991. After graduating from Private Mimar Sinan Fine Arts High School in 2010, she started to work on illustration, graphic design and poster design. She mostly participated in ‘underground’ group exhibitions. She organized the group exhibition “God Save The Porn” with her close friends in 2013. Birce organized and curated the exhibition as well as participating in the exhibition as an artist. Later, she started to design posters for various venues and events, and recently focused on her own productions. Under the collective they call “The Vaal” that she established with her partner, they make productions such as web design, logo design, graphic design, sound design. Birce is also interested in acting, after playing for a season in the TV series ‘Yaşamayanlar’, she starred in Birol Güven’s “Dijital Esaret”. She became interested in music production with the music project named “Penny Darko” after the pandemic took over. Her EP titled “The Room” will soon be released from the production company “Psychocharmant Records” and will meet with the audience. With the collective named “Herd Kolektif”, which she founded in May and has been producing since then, she is planning a big event and an exhibition of nearly 80 artists.


You can check out the live Instagram event with Birce Kirkova on @atolye.io and @bigumigu accounts.