Creative Mornings: Hayri Dağlı


March 29, 2019
9:00 am - 10:30 am



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It’s the main source of all life. It’s the liquid that we don’t drink enough of, yet waste effortlessly. The lifeblood element that makes up 60% of our bodies yet only 1% can be touched. For this month’s CreativeMornings we are discussing “water”. Our guest speaker is Hayri Dağlı, Director of IDEA Universal.


Hayri Dagli is the Founder and Director of IDEA Universal, a global development organization using innovation to re-imagine a world where all people have access to sustainable water, food, and energy. Hayri has been living in Africa for almost six years dedicating his time to bringing innovative and holistic solutions to global water, food, and energy crisis. He experienced living under a dollar a day in tribal communities of Africa to show his support to the millions of people living below the poverty line.


With the help of individual donors and international organizations like the United Nations, Red Cross, World Bank, and WHO, IDEA Universal has reached more than 100,000 people in East Africa and Nepal with its transformative programs. Hayri has been recognized on Campaign Turkiye and MediaCat as an inspiring leader and has given talks on TRT, Haber Turk, and CNN Turk. His life story was highlighted in the TRT documentary, “Water Walk – Su Savaşları” 


He is currently splitting his time between New York, East Africa, Nepal, and Istanbul coordinating IDEA Universal’s programs and writing a book.

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