Virtual CreativeMornings: Onur Gökhan Gökçek


March 27, 2020
9:00 am - 10:30 am


Open To Public

Due to the global Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, we’re organizing this month’s CreativeMornings Istanbul event virtually. Our first virtual CreativeMornings event will create a space for discovery to bring human interaction to the digital realm.


Click on the blue button to register for the event, which will take place via Zoom.


This month, CreativeMornings Istanbul is hosting performance artist and drag queen Onur Gökhan Gökçek under the theme of “identity”. We will talk about the different dimensions of identity with Onur Gökhan Gökçek on the 27th of March on Zoom.


09:00-09:30: Breakfast
09:30-10:00: Talk
10:00-10.30: Networking


The event will be held in Turkish.


Onur Gökhan Gökçek is a performance artist, dancer, drag queen and a make-up artist. He studied Classical Ballet at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University and worked at Contemporary Ballet Collective as a dancer from 2008 to 2011. From 2010 to 2015 he worked at Cahide and from 2015 onwards at Love Dance Point as a drag queen and a dancer.


Onur Gökhan Gökçek is a founding member of Istanbul Queer Art Collective which was founded in 2012 to promote queer performance art in Turkey. With the collective, he has performed extensively at galleries, art spaces and exhibitions in and out of Turkey, including Blok Art Space, Queer Future Exhibition, SALT Galata, opening performance of Mamut Art Project in 2015, 14th !f Istanbul Independent Films Festival, Theatre Spektakel Zurich, Les Belle de Nuit Electronic Music and Gender Bending Festival Zurich.


He acted in ‘Transvestite Pinocchio’, a play directed by Okan Urun in 2011, ‘Martı Jonathan’, a video clip by Yasemin Mori in 2015 and ‘Ses Etme’, a video clip by Athena in 2015. He has taken place in runway performances for DB Berdan at international fashion events since 2016.