CreativeMornings: Murat Sezgi & Çağıl Özdemir


February 23, 2018
9:00 am - 10:30 am



Open To Public

The concept of curiosity actually can encapsulate several things: a personality trait, a state of mind, a skill. To be curious about the things that we don’t know and to fill these gaps with knowledge is to consciously enrich our own lives. At CreativeMornings, some of this month’s other guests are Murat Sezgi and Çağıl Özdemir, founders of one of our other event series, “Curious Community”. Starting out with the concept of “curiosity”, we will talk with Murat and Çağıl about the Curious Community events that they created and how curious people can come together.


09:00-09:30: Breakfast
09:30-10:00: Talk
10:00-10.30: Networking